Tools for PointCloud and Mesh Processing

Use PointKit to cleanup, edit and process all kinds of 3D scan data. The tools are purpose built to work with large and noisy datasets that 3D capture devices generate and come with many features to automate alignment, merging and inspection of 3D scan data.

PointKit opens up Polyga’s mesh processing technology so that anyone can use our algorithms with data from desktop 3D scanners to large scale LIDAR datasets.

”PointKit is the tool I never knew I needed. PointKit is so very easy to learn compared to the other applications that I’ve tried while being very powerful. I’m still constantly amazed at how fast it is for crushing down these huge datasets.”

Mike L.

3D Modeler and Visual Effects Artist



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Desktop Application

The PointKit Desktop application is a powerful and easy to use Windows application for post-processing point clouds and meshes from any kind of 3D capture device. Desktop 3D Scanners, Laser Scanners, 3D Cameras, Photogrammetry, and LIDAR.

The major features include geometry manipulation, alignment, merging, editing and healing, measurement and inspection.

Clean noisy data, remove outliers, noise and spikes. Smooth and decimate the number of triangles

Group, merge and create clean, watertight 3D scans

Tackle hard alignment problems with advanced alignment tools

Effortlessly manipulate massive point clouds or meshes

Create geometric primitives to do measurements in your 3D scan data

Calculate the deviation between two meshes

Re-orient your scan data so that it’s ready to use for downstream applications like CAD/CAM

Import / Export File Formats: PBN, PLY, STL, OBJ, 3D3, E57, ASC, CSV, PTX, PLG, GLTF, GLB, PTS

Automate the processing of your scan data

Online Web Application

The Pointkit web application is a powerful cross platform viewer and sharing tool for 3D point points and mesh data. After editing the data on your desktop application, instantly share the results online, publicly or privately. View and present your 3D data to any device with a modern web browser including mobile devices.

It’s Cross platform, working on any any device and OS with a web-browser from phones, tablets and desktop

Fast local viewing instantly drag and drop any 3D scan file to view it on any device with a web-browser from phones to desktop

Coming Soon! Easy sharing, share the link to the file with others

Coming Soon! Screenshot and video generation


Automate your processing of meshes and point cloud capabilities in a cross platform SDK. Access all the capabilities and features of the pointkit platform in an easy to use API.

Pointkit was developed to be lightweight, flexible and completely cross platform. To showcase this we’ve released several runtime applications on multiple platforms. The SDK is available as a library for Windows, Linux or Web/Javascript. Contact us about your platform needs.

Example use cases include

  • Automated 3D scanning using Robotic Arms or other motion control devices
  • 3D measurements for Industrial vision and automation
  • Automated metrology, mesh inspection and feature creation
  • Real time computer vision


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